Research shows that the first humans to inhabit planet earth did so more than 66 million years ago. It is an interesting planet to reside in, and the advent of technology is even making it appear to be a global village. People can communicate in real-time irrespective of the location and also transport means are becoming better every other day. Some regions appear to have a better quality of life than others. However, do not be fooled by the good things that you see all over as this planet has its challenges. The following are some of the most dominant ones


Some of the diseases that people are suffering from in this world are as a result of pollution. It cuts across various areas such as land, air, and water pollution. We have large manufacturing farms that drain their waste in rivers; others emit smoke while others dump solid waste on land. We also have chemicals that land in our environment, and some have been confirmed to cause diseases such as cancer. Government agencies and various lobby groups have taken up the initiative to make sure that people do not pollute the environment. However, the laws governing such change from one region to the other.

Destruction of natural resources

Some of the destruction is as a result of pollution. There are also people who are malicious and engage in indiscriminative felling of trees and clearing bushes which destroys the natural habitats of various wild creatures. The forest cover in the world has continued to decrease over the last century, and some people are yet to note the dangers. Various lobby groups have been set to aid in environmental conservation, and they are doing a job. Some governments have also issued directives and punitive measures to help in the protection of natural resources.

Climate change

Pollution and depletion of natural resources has led to climate change. Some experts are even predicting that there may reach a time when the world will be inhabitable. There are some suggestions that we can convert other planets such as Mars to support human life. You can check this out and get more information on what humans need to invest in. There are many conventions all year through that try to tackle the issue of climate change. Some of the effects appear to be irreversible. On the other hand, we can work on some if we increase forest cover and lower air pollution.