Ladders come in different styles, types, and sizes to meet the various user needs. Choosing the right ladder is heavily dependent on the intended purpose. Knowing exactly what the ladder is needed for makes it easy to choose from the wide range of ladders available in the market. Ladders can either be adjustable, extension, a step stool or folding ladders. They all serve different purposes, hence, picking the right ladder is paramount.

When buying a ladder, it is important to consider a number of factors to ensure it fits with its needs. Ladders can cause serious or fatal injuries through falling, hence, safety should be a top priority. Most accidents are caused by human error as well as bad designs, however, it can also be as a result of bad weather. The following tips should be considered before buying a ladder to ensure it is safe and up to its intended purpose.

Setting up

A ladder should be set up properly and also used with care to prevent it from falling over. Therefore, it is important to carefully read and follow the user guidelines provided by the manufacturer with regard to safety measures and usage. Also, make sure that the ladder is mounted on a hard, even surface to make sure it is not leaning to either side. Additional information or guidelines are readily available at Ladder Lounge.

The Purpose

Each type of ladder is best suited for a certain type of job. Therefore, it is important to choose a ladder whose height and design meet the specifications required by the job at hand. It is advisable to try a ladder before purchasing and see if it tilts or deforms.


It is important to look for a ladder that is sturdy and strong enough, yet lightweight to move around with ease. Aluminum ladders have the lowest weight but should not be used anywhere near power lines as they conduct electricity. On such occasions, wooden or fiberglass ladders are the most ideal.


With safety a top priority when it comes to ladders, it is important to exercise safety precautions at all times. For instance, one should climb up and down unhurriedly, holding on to the side rails and also facing the ladder. Additionally, it is not safe to climb a ladder if there are strong winds, lightning or rain.

It is also important to inspect the ladder before climbing to ensure it does not pose any health risks as a result of slippery substances such as oil and water among others. If there is water or oil on a ladder, it should be wiped off immediately to avoid slipping.