Many users of Twitter fail to see some simple things that make marketing on this platform successful. Twitter has been listed among the most popularly used platforms. This means that there are high chances of succeeding on it when the appropriate systems are applied. Marketing on these can be simplified by the application of some of these strategies.

    1. Make sure that the contents include videos and images

This is a social media platform and most of the users will be attracted by the use of videos and images. Too much wording has the effect of boring the viewers and they may end up ignoring the post even if the post has constructive information. Make it as captivating as possible by including clear and interesting images. Additionally, ensure that they are not too much as they may take the space for constructive information.

    1. Use of automation

Dealing with all the replies, and comments can end up taking almost all of your time. When an account is highly active and has many followers, it is crucial that you opt for automation. Automation simplifies the work for you and focus on your gardening gigs and create useful networks. The Small Business Blog reviews some automation tools such as tweet angels to guide you in selecting a good automation tool.

    1. Measures results

Before it was a must that you had to apply other third-party tools to know how your tweets performed. But the recent introduction of this analytical feature allows you to measure it from your account. This enables you to understand the effectiveness of the posts that you make. It is from this analytics that actions will be made to improve the performance of the items that you post.

    1. Creation of curated lists

This is a useful way through which information can be filtered. These lists can be set to public or private. It, therefore, means that monitoring of the competitors using a private list is possible. At the same time, the public list is used to showcase the achievements made. Moreover, growing of the account can be enhanced by notifying the users that they are added to a private list and it has the effect of increasing traffic as they reply on the same.

    1. Favorite mentions and good content

When users are mentioned in replies they have the tendency to increase activity on your page. Making them favorites ensures that they constantly comment and share your posts, thus increase traffic on your timeline.