Are you an anime fanatic? Do you have some drawing skills as well?  Perfect! This guide will show you how to bring killer Manga, a serial murderer in the Japanese anime to life in less than one hour. Here’s how to go about it;

Study Anatomy

It is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basics before you start to draw. Sure, your drawing will take a human body, but it’s a little bit complicated than you think. On paper, you only need to outline the torso, two arms, and the head.

But, if you want to get aspects such as weight, proportion and shape correct, you need to spend some time learning Manga’s anatomy. While you’ll ultimately end up with a “cartoon,” you want to come up with something that looks “real.”

Stick to the Guidelines

You can’t ignore the benefit of using a guideline to map out what you need to draw. Keep in mind that guidelines in this context mean lines and shapes to help you get the size, placement, and pose right. Sure, it might seem like a waste of time, but it’ll make thing a lot easier and smooth for you.

Besides, outlining the rough shape of the body allows you to fiddle with the basics before you can commit to anything. Remember, something as simple as a stick figure will enable you to visualize the image of how the finished Manga will look like.

Variety is Essential

Indeed, you’ll hone your skills if you draw one thing over and over again. On the flipside, however, it is somewhat dull. Besides, once you create and draw one character, the result starts to look the same.

You need, therefore, to get out of your comfort zone and create a host of drawings. And, speaking of variety, visit to learn more about anime and other characters you may consider drawing. Learn how to sketch people, trees, animals, cars, you name it.

Take your Time

Drawing Manga isn’t the simplest of tasks. So, be sure to slow things down a little bit. Avoid rushing through your project since it lowers the quality of what you are doing. Consider taking breaks if you feel anxious or fatigue. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with leaving your project for a day or two to get a breath of fresh air. The long and short of it is that you should give your mind time to rest if you feel that everything is not going on as you’d planned.

Accept Criticism


Listen, not everyone will like what you do, so be ready for criticism.  The only thing to remember is that you should only take positive critique. You can even ask your friends to make a good at your drawing and give an honest opinion.

It is also critical to remember that there’s negative criticism aimed to water down your work. You should ignore such and think of it as trash. You don’t have to get discouraged if someone says that your Manga doesn’t look pleasing. You should, instead, focus on making your work better, irrespective of what people say about it.

Experiment with Perspectives

Sure, drawing a killer Manga is excellent and all, but things can get a little bit tricky when placing them in the right environment while making everything fall in place seamlessly.

Perspective is super essential if you want to bring your scenes to life. It also helps your images appear bright. Learn how to make objects appear smaller when in the distance and larger when they’re up close.

One of the things you should concentrate on in amine and Manga is “foreshortening.” For starters, this is an exaggerated form of perspective that makes parts of the body or approaching objects to appear relatively large tan they would be in a real world.

In conclusion, you should never copy someone’s work. Strive to create your unique style. Sure you may steal one or two ideas from other drawings, but you should add your twist to make everything look different. One of the best ways to go about it is to pinpoint a character or a scene from your favorite Manga and recreate it.  You can then duplicate your work with unique elements.