How to Make a Fortune on Instagram

Ah getting rich doing what you love, who doesn’t want that? Thousands of travelers definitely do, and the same applies to photographers, fashionists, and people in the beauty industry so you already see where we are heading.

Picking a niche

When you don’t have a niche it’s hard to get started so if you just think about making money but have no idea how to start you want to make sure you pick a niche that can be monetized. In the travel niche you might notice that they don’t pay you but pay for your fight ticket instead, hard to enjoy a holiday with no extra cash, and for photographers, it can be very hard to find a job if their fans live overseas. The same can be said for people in beauty & fashion that mostly receive new products to review and don’t always get paid for it so pick something that makes you money guaranteed. What that is you have to find our yourself as we’re not handing out golden gloves here.

Monetizing your niche

The easiest way to monetize your niche is by selling something yourself. One of the ways to do that is setting up an e-commerce store through a site like Spotify but you can also provide a certain service if you provide an offline service make sure you target the people in your city or your country so that you can actually reach them. Most people forget this and only focus on the number of followers instead of the quality.

Growing your fanbase

You picked a niche, you have a way to monetize it, now it’s time to grow your fanbase, start by simply inviting your friends so that you can get some traction and can get in touch with their friends as they probably live nearby so this is the first step you have to take. The next step to becoming famous on Instagram is connecting to people you share something with. You do this so that Instagram knows who is relevant to you and who is not.

Exploding it to the richness

The final step can be done in multiple ways, you can employ a bot to do the hard work, you can connect with micro influencers and provide them with an incentive one way or the other or you can launch a paid advertising campaign. Always remember to make money you need to spend money or otherwise it can take a long time to get the traction you need.