Whether you’re making your own signature sandwich or you want to create an adult variety of grilled cheese, the fastest, easiest way to prepare a grilled sandwich is to use a Panini press. It has various names—Panini press, Panini grill, sandwich press and so on—and it also has just as many options. Different styles and designs are used for various purposes, so you should take the process of choosing the perfect Panini press for your kitchen seriously.


Panini presses have uses that are as diverse as the devices themselves. You may use your Panini press to make sandwiches, grill small amounts of meat, melt quesadillas, or even cook vegetables. Each device is versatile, so when thinking about use, the key difference is whether the device is heavy-duty or medium-duty. When deciding whether you need a heavy-duty or medium-duty Panini grill, it’s important to note:

Where you’ll use the Panini in business? (i.e. front or back of the house)

How frequently will the grill be used?

What kinds of food will you prepare?

For instance, if you have a small cafe or deli and will be making just a few sandwiches daily, a medium-duty Panini press will do the trick. However, if you specialize in grilled sandwiches and make dozens daily, a heavy-duty model will help you fulfill orders better.

What should you look for in Panini grills?

Not all sandwich makers or Panini grills work in the same way. Some devices are only meant for sandwiches but others can cook many different foods. Some come with removable plates, some come with ridged plates which create grill marks, and others come with flat plates. You can visit Panini Perfect for further useful information on Panini presses.

Here’s what you should look for:

Non-stick plates: These will let you cook without the sandwich getting stuck in the grill and causing a huge mess. It makes clean up easy and quick as well.

Non-removable plates: These leave beautiful grill marks on your food. Almost all basic sandwich makers have heated lower and upper plates that let you prepare your food, put it on the device, shut the lid, and return a few minutes later to get the cooked food out.

Floating lid: All Panini presses must have a floating lid. It lets the lid move up and down, based on the thickness of your food or sandwich. Without it, you’ll end up with a sandwich is not well cooked, or one that’s totally smashed and paper-thin.

Versatility: If you don’t like to own lots of different small kitchen appliances, then look for something versatile. It’s great to have an appliance that can make various kinds of food.

Ready and power lights: These lights will tell when your food is ready and when the appliance is heated up respectively.