If you look for printed name badges in the market then you can find many different varieties. You are free to choose as per your organization’s requirement. Most of the badges are made of metal, plastic and paper. You can design your own badges with your company names and addresses printed on them. It will really serve your organization well, if your employees wear these badges daily so that they can be easily identified. Nowadays every big as well as small organization takes help of professional companies to design their ID badges.

Print Your Company name

The ID badge must print the name of the company along with its logo, address and telephone or fax number, which should be easily visible to anyone. This will make your ID badge unique from others so that it is not easy to copy it. In addition to that you may also provide certain resourceful information about your company like its year of formation or company’s main objective, so that it can do little publicity about the business of your company.

Details about the person

The ID badge must contain all relevant information about the person who is holding the badge. Name is one of the most important information that must be printed with bold letters. The next important thing should be the recent photograph of the person holding the badge. Photograph is very important so that no one else can impersonate your ID badge.

In addition to the above you can add the designation of the person in the company. Also, it will be essential that the home address of the person to be displayed on the card. Thus, if the card is lost or misplaced then the finder of the ID badge can return it back to its actual owner. Also it is essential to provide blood group of the person. This is necessary because if the person is ever involved in any kind of fatal accident then doctors will get to know his blood group without wasting any time.

Type of ID badge

You need to have ID badges for your company employees, which are to be used on a long term basis. At the same time, you also need ID badge for visitors or customers who are going to use it for shorter duration. These temporary badges should clearly indicate its validity period so that the user may not use it after its expiry date.