These days most of us use Wi-Fi router at home as we need the internet for various reasons. If you try to read the web pages available to make the right choice for buying suitable router then you will find that they are too technical and beyond the understanding of common users. Therefore, you need to know some simpler way to buy such routers, so that you can conveniently use it and your network speed does not go slow every now and then.

If you are looking for suitable router for your Wi-Fi network then you must consider a few things. On the website too you can find many different kinds of router that can be installed at your home.

Wi-Fi router along with telephone line

Most of the people prefer to install Wi-Fi router at home, which is not only meant for running your PC or laptop, but for various commonly used devices also like TV, tablets, smart phones etc. without any hard wired connection for the internet.   Most of the telephone service providers of your area will provide you landline connection with Wi-Fi router along with modem which will not only consume very little space on your table, but also there will be very few wiring connection. However, such type of router may not be too expensive to maintain in any household.

Latest Wi-Fi router available

This type of router can transfer data at 1.3 Gbps. However, in practice the speed is little slower than what is specified. With such type of router, you can connect a number of devices and can transfer your data at much higher speed. It is supported by multiple antennas due to which you can do multimedia activities. The initial cost of such Wi-Fi router is little expensive.

Router with wireless frequency

The power of the network will be decided by the frequency of the router. Two standard frequencies available for such router are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz respectively. The basic differences between these two frequencies are their range and interference. There will be lesser disturbances with 5 GHz frequencies and also its gain and bandwidth will be much higher.

However, 5 GHz router is little expensive as compared to 2.4 GHz one and if interference is not a real issue then you can easily prefer to go for 2.4 GHz version.